A lagoon? No, more like a crater lake. Excuse the correction but it’s important to point out the difference. The Apoyo Lagoon is one of my favorite places in Nicaragua. Close to Granada and Masaya, I am always happy to go there. Warm, gentle water in an amazing setting. It is said that this crater was formed more than 20,000 years ago after an explosion that left a 6 km diameter funnel behind. Reaching the lagoon is easy and convenient. A few small shops and inns border the lake. This is the favorite place for families from capital or Granada to come on weekends. And I get why. It’s close by and easy to access…And, yet, it feels far from everything.

The white villages, Catarina and San Juan de Oriente, are located on its crest. You’ll find a splendid panoramic view at the top: the beautiful mirador.

Take a leisurely horseback ride or have a coffee and stroll in and out of the small artisanal shops that surround the mirador (the viewpoint).  The most beautiful plants and flowers can be found in the area. There’s so much greenery…it smells fresh!

Silence. The colors and the view take my breath away every time. I am inevitably a little hot. I wanted to take advantage of a clear and cloudless sky, so I could see the neighboring volcanoes of Apoyo and it’s water-filled crater. Heading back to the car or taking a cab and getting off as soon as possible to cool off… that’s the idea!

On the way, I am always impressed by this almost invasive nature. It’s so green! I spot monkeys and iguanas. Once I’ve finally arrived, I throw myself in the water. The lake gets deep quickly, but the water is warm and clear. I let myself be carried by the flow of the funnel, an exquisite sensation.