Nicaragua has become an Eldorado of surfing. The Pacific coast is large and diverse. From north to south, from the Gulf of Fonseca (border of Honduras) with the Cosigüina volcano to the south (border of Costa Rica), the beaches follow one another and do not look alike. Don’t think you will see tourist complexes or other concrete bars on the coast, there are none! You will cross, on the other hand, many small fishing villages and isolated bits of beaches. It is almost impossible to find yourself in the middle of a herd of surfers on the lines-up. Exploring the beaches a little more lost assures you a solitary surfing in superb conditions.

Welcome to the Pacific coast of Nicaragua!


Best surf spots in Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur

In recent years, this former small fishing village has become a surfing mecca. Yet its surfing beach is not incredible. It is its location that counts! Just a few minutes away from the most famous spots of the region, San Juan del Sur is the perfect base camp for your first sessions in Nicaragua.

The spot of Playa Maderas is the most popular. It is advisable to get there early in the morning, before the arrival of the many surf schools working in the area.

To the south are the beaches of El Remanso and Hermosa. El Remanso is an ideal beach break for beginners and intermediates. Hermosa will also delight you with its waves for more experienced surfers.

Popoyo beach

A little less easy to access, the famous and recognized wave(s) of Popoyo will offer itself to you. The 3 best spots of the country are there! Colorado, Santana and Popoyo.

The region is very wild and isolated. Passing by Rivas, the first kilometers of tracks will give you this impression of adventure. Of course, you will cross villages and small stores, but few grocery stores. Hotels and restaurants have been built and installed on the coast, most of them with incredible views and locations.

Popoyo is a legend. A reef break operating all year round. You will meet a lot of surfers and wave lovers. Chill, surfing and sunshine are at the rendezvous.

Surfing in the region of León and the North

Near Managua

These are the spots and beaches closest to the capital. However, they are not the most frequented, far from it. The waves of the South are known, those of the North much less. The place conceals real beautiful waves, mainly beach breaks on the left or right side, at your choice. To the north of the hotel complex Montélimar, Gran Pacifica, and Pochomil (where you can find the San Diego wave, for the fans) is the delicious village of El Tránsito. Obligatory stop! Waves all year round for all levels. 


Miramar is just above and also offers some really nice quality waves. From there, it is easy to go by lancha to the spot and the mythical left of Puerto Sandino.

Las Peñitas

On the road to León is the beach of Salinas Grandes where it is not necessary to stop. Then come the beaches of Las Peñitas and Poneloya, just 20 minutes from downtown León. Let’s restore or correct the comments and recommendations on these spots: nice beaches certainly, but capricious beach breaks, big side currents and too few good sessions.


Further north, not far from Chinandega, there are beautiful remote, isolated and depopulated beaches that offer multiple spots and the near certainty of being alone in the water. You will have the chance to hear the “Boom”, one of the most beautiful barrels in the country.